PowerBI Rest API


Hi There,

Is there any possibility to connect Xibo with PowerBI API to GET reports or dashboards?



Did you find anything else on this subject? Got this question from one of our account managers. Would like to know if this is something Xibo could handle.


I’ve managed to get PowerBI reports to show up if I get the url of the specific report, and add the report as a webpage on a Layout.
It kind of works, but I’ve also seen the page render with 4 of the navigation icon’s blown up to take the whole screen.
I also seem to have run into an issue if there are “Hidden” reports in the PBIX file that was uploaded, it seems to get stuck on rendering that report rather than the report section, I specified in the Web page’s url. I’m still looking for a real solution on this, that I can consider reliable.

Editing this. The “blown up” page actually shows 6 icons. I think it’s the 6 icons from the top right of the screen (notification bubble, gear icon, download, help, feedback and user icon. This group of 6 has the “Waffle Icon” at the top, and the “Power BI” icon at the bottom. They seem to be high contrast white/black.


More on what I’ve been able to come up with.
If I have a Dataset with say 3 reports on it.
I can use the url for Report #1 and the page will render.
If I use a new item on the layout for Report #2 on the page, it renders Report 1
A new item for report # 3, displays report # 1.

It doesn’t seem to respect the “Reportsection” piece of the url that goes to the specific report.


You got this solution working with PUBLIC url or behind auth?


With Authentication. I believe what I did was interactively log on to the machine as our PowerBI viewer account, “saving” credentials. I’m sure it’s going to need some assistance eventually, but we’re still in pilot phase right now around the Power BI integration with Xibo.


Finally had a chance to come back and work on this some more. I made some progress in regards to which report page is being shown.

Based on the way the report was shared with the Xibo user (them not being part of the group), the URL changes.

What appears to work better is to replace the Group GUID with the word “me”




Now, the second report that renders, with the correct page, but the actual visual may not render. It seems to work better with the built in visuals to Power BI, We have a custom visual imported from the store (Bullet Chart by OKViz) that is routinely taking 60+ seconds to load.


I emailed sales asking about the Windows client/ PowerBI compatibility. They recommended the Android app version.

I’m trying the same layout on an inexpensive android tablet and it is performing better in terms of rendering the reports. I did have to make a modification in Chrome on the tablet itself to get rid of the “in app advertisement for the Native app”. I’ve only been running this change for an hour or so, but so far no advertisements.

For testing we encourage you to force the banner to appear by setting the chrome://flags/#bypass-app-banner-engagement-checks flag.

From https://googlechrome.github.io/samples/app-install-banner/related-applications/index.html


Thank you for going through these tests. Connection to Power BI is something I’m tasked with looking into as well. The android route is not an option for me unfortunately. I’d love to talk about what it would take to get a windows compatible widget for Power BI within the CMS.