PowerBI Login issue


I’ve been trying to display powerbi using Xibo but I’m having a few issues.
I can get the report to display using both embedded and webpage but it asks for sign in every time.
I’m using a domain account on the windows machine that is running xibo which has access to the powerbi report but this doesn’t authenticate using SSO. It instead opens a window in the background which I am unable to tab into since the xibo client forces itself in the foreground.

I have tried adding the URL to the edge browser whitelist but unfortunately no luck there either.

I am also unable to publish to web via powerbi as this is disabled in my tenancy. Publish to web from Power BI - Power BI | Microsoft Learn

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi adam_hill, welcome to the community!

Power BI dashbaords are supported via the Dashboard service add on, introduced for version 3.2.0 onwards. You can read more about the functionality here. The Dashboard service is where you can log into your Power BI account and then use the dedicated widget for the service to display your dashboards in your layouts.

If you would like to discuss the Dashboard service with a member of the sales team, please free free to open a ticket on the Xibo help desk.

Many Thanks.

Hi DanBW

Thanks for the fast response, I’ll look into this add on, this should hopefully resolve the issue I’m having.


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