Power BI report slowness display with Xibo player

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Player Version

Xibo for windows R257.2

#CMS version

XIbo 2.3.10 (Ubuntu)

#Display PC OS version

Windows 10 1809


When we display some Power BI Report (Power BI on premise) with the Xibo for windows player (with CEF), it tooks 35-50 sec to appears correctly on the screen. When we display the same report directly into a web browser (Edge/Chrome), it tooks 10-15 sec.

Is anyone know if it’s possible to “optimize” the CEF browsing into the Xibo player ?

Hi ITIS, welcome to the community!

Displaying Power BI reports on the Xibo player has been a topic raised before by other Xibo users. Below is a link to another post about using Power BI with some suggestions on how you can display your reports. I hope you find the information helpful.

Many Thanks.

Hello DanBw,

Thank you for your answer. Effectively, I already tried the possibility to put the PowerBI Report Webpage into an iframe (via the widget Xibo embed). And we win almost 5 sec appearance delay…Always far than 15 sec natively.

Thank you for your reply and for letting me know you have tried using an iframe. Did you use the Power BI functionality shown in the linked documents on that post to create an iframe? If yes but the reports are still not loading fast enough, unfortunately I do not have a solution to this, my apologies. I have tested many user’s reports and found it is possible for them to load quicker than you are seeing but this was using the methods shown in the links in the post I referenced.

Many Thanks.

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