Potential Bug in the R252.6 player: Not refreshing widgets

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Windows 2 R252.6-252



I’ve previously posted about being unable to sync dynamic widgets (i.e. Weather & Ticker) in a layout. (see here). Now I’ve discovered a potential issue with the new Windows player and that’s why I’ve decided to open a new thread.

For the past two days I’ve been running one layout with a weather & ticker widget on two displays (both with the same profile), one with the new Windows 2 R252.6-252 player, the other with the old Windows 2 R201-201.
While the old one updates the dynamic widgets pretty reliably (displays the same information as the layout preview in the CMS at all times), the new R252 player only updates sporadically if at all: For example the weather should update every hour, but this morning at 8 it displayed data from 5 in the morning. The only reliable way to get the new player to refresh the data in the dynamic widget is to re-publish the layout.

So could there be a issue with syncing data in dynamic widgets on the R252.6 player?

Thank you for your bug report - i’ve added an issue for it and we will take a look:

I’ve not been able to recreate this issue - I set up a simple test with a Ticker, set to Display only 1 item, with randomise ticked and a cache time of 5 mins.

I always got a new article from the Ticker feed every 5 minutes.

I also tried the same with a DataSet Ticker that had images, and the images updated at regular intervals as expected.

Perhaps there has been another change in v2 R253 which also fixed this problem (some package updates perhaps). v2 R253 should be out later today, perhaps you can try it?

Hello dan,

I’ve just got around to testing the R253 player, but sadly it doesn’t seem to solve the issue.

We did find the issue in the end, and solved it in v2 R254 (https://blog.xibo.org.uk/xibo-for-windows-v2-r254/)


Yes, the new version solved the problem!

Thank you for your efforts! :slight_smile:

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