Post your layout

What kind of layouts do you use? What is included? Is it just a picture, video, weather forcast or a custom build?

Share a screenshot, and everyone can steal your design idea! :slight_smile:

I like to use a combination of media. This screenshot is only 1 of 3 displays used in a local QSR. I haven’t actually created this layout in Xibo, just installing version 1.8.

With Xibo, I plan to create 3 Regions (Left, Top-R Bottom-R).
01. I will use a background for the majority of graphics.
02. Then the left side is an animated video for the promotion. This can play and then rotate to another animated video promotion. This could also be served as rotating still images delivering a series of promotions.
03. Top Right and Bottom Right I plan to use DataSets for the text displayed using HTML/CSS.

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