Possible to show a streaming tv in Xibo?

was it possible to send a Streaming TV program over a Xibo Layout?
What should I do to see this?

Hi xiboadm,

Xibo does support streaming but which protocol to use will depend on the player platform you are using. You can display HLS or RTSP streams, please see the documentation for each to confirm what platforms support which protocols.

Please also note that you will need to thoroughly test your stream with your players to be sure that it provides the performance you are looking for.

Another method used by some users is a TV/stream encoder and/or decoder to convert the signal to a HDMI output. Some players support the video in widget, which would allow you to include the video input in your layouts.

On a side note, it is also very important that you make sure that including the TV/stream in your digital signage is permitted under the terms of service for that particular stream/TV channel. If you are unsure then I would recommend checking the company website or contacting them for more information.

Many Thanks.

Thank you for the answer but I wouldn’t play or stream a game over the XIBO Player. I should only show an TV-programm over the XIBO-player.
But I think it runs only Video and no live TV-program streaming.

Thank you for your reply. Apologies, I’m not sure where I was mentioning about a game? My reply is referring to video/TV streams. By players I mean the Xibo signage player, not game players, perhaps that’s where the confusion has occurred?

Many Thanks.

First things first,

Do you wish to show a specific channel from your TV to Xibo? But is Xibo running on the same TV or other hardware? Some players can show you the input from HDMI what @DanBW is referring to. Even in a layer form to minimize the resolution.

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