Popup Behaviors

I’m with a public library that uses Xibo sort of like a kiosk that serves our online catalog to several computers in the library. The player launches when each computer loads and immediately brings up the catalog. We want the users to have a similar experience to the one they’d get when they access the catalog site from their home computer but locked down. We don’t want them to be able to access things like YouTube, Facebook, etc.

One issue we have with this setup involves popup behaviors. Whenever a patron clicks on a link on the catalog while it’s up in a Xibo player, the link pops up under the player. Is anyone aware of a setting we can tweak within the player to fix this? I imagine it is something we’ll need to fix on the site itself but wanted to check with the community anyway.


To fully utilise what you want, we’d need fully implemented interactive signage - Interactive Signage

but that will come with 1.9 series.

For now:
Windows clients, it can function as a screensaver displaying the content, then once something would be pressed it would ‘wake up’ the PC, which means you could have your browser in kiosk mode running there.

Alternatively, if you open status window (press ‘i’ on your keyboard) then Xibo player will no longer be always on top.

Android clients - you’d most likely need to use SureLock Kiosk Lockdown or similar

Thanks for the reply! Is there an ETA on 1.9?

Nothing yet i’m afraid - we will start development of 1.9 shortly after we release the first stable 1.8, which should happen shortly.

As it will be such a new development it is really difficult to say when an alpha might be available - however we will keep this community updated with progress.

Is there a switch we can use in calling xibo to start what would allow popup without hitting the i after xibo starts or a command we can call at the beginning of the layout?? using ver 1.8.

You want to popup the info screen without pressing i?

I don’t think there’s a way to do that. What you can do though is enable auditing on the display in the CMS for a short time, and then request a screenshot. The Player will then report the status from the info screen and you’ll be able to see that in the CMS.

Clearly that only works if the Player is able to connect to the CMS though!

Hi alex
We want to allow client to click on links with in the layout and have windows explore or media player to pop up in front or over top of the Xibo screen. The only way I found to allow this was explained by Peter in the earlier remark. if you press “i” once to bring up audit and then press “i” again Xibo allows pop ups over itself. I was hoping to automate this when XIbo starts.

You can’t no. Xibo will always try to run top most.