PNG format background image not able to show

Hi, I’m experiencing PNG format background image not able to show. It shows in my layout but not on the player, when i try using a JPEG image, there is no issue. Anyone can advise? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

CMS Version: 3.0.5
Player Version: Tested both R301.1-301 and R254.1-254

Hi Akram.

I’ve been testing layouts with PNGs as the background image and I can’t replicate your issue. I will send you a private message, please can you reply with a link where I can download a copy of your layout? I would be interested to see if I get the same issue when I use your layout.

Can you also upgrade to R302 and confirm if you are seeing the same issue?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan,

Thank you for your prompt reply, will reply thru the private message.

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