Please make the android client app accessible for AndroidTV

Please add the
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LEANBACK_LAUNCHER" />


<uses-feature android:name=""
            android:required="false" />

And Update the SDK version of the app to 31

So that we can have a better experience on Android TV, it’s something simple to implement in the Android Player Client

The way it is is a little bad to use on Smartvs with Android TV integrated.

Thank you for your comments, most appreciated!

We have a research project open for AndroidTV, and we do know that there are a lot of internal code/structure changes we need to make in order to support it. We will be making these in due course (along with other exciting additions and improvements).

Until then, we don’t recommend or support AndroidTV devices. For the moment we recommend using a device with a digital signage firmware on it (such as Philips), or one of the SOC offerings from LG/Samsung.

Best wishes,

Thanks again @dan Dan for the reply. Waiting eagerly for release. It is important to remember that the current app works correctly on android TV, it is just not displayed in the Android TV app grid due to the lack of the codes mentioned above. Another problem I noticed was that it doesn’t start automatically like in the usual android.

Yeah, we need to add a variant of the app to enable that function, which requires some reorganisation of our code-base. There are various other things which don’t work well on AndroidTV too, like automatically starting as you’ve pointed out.

Generally speaking it will always be better to go with a device firmware specifically designed for digital signage, rather than a general AndroidTV device (which is not designed for that).

Another problem we have noted is that the MAC ID of the display is not reported to the CMS.

I have tried this on a different brand AndroidTV, works ok, but we were unable to execute commands as turn of LCD backlight. In my case, if I want to use the app in AndroidTV, I would also like to change volume/mute and other things which I am now ding by using HDMI-CEC.