PLease help - new to Xibo and cannot display anything on screen

Please can someone help me or give me a contact email or number.
I have been trying to get something to display ANYTHING all day and Im ready to kill it.
I downloaded an instruction manaul and followed it (as new user) and it suggests I should be seeing sometthing on the screen and all I see is ‘Welcome to Xibo’ feel free to change the screen. I would love to!!!

I dont know anyone who uses this and so dont know who to ask - and I dont even know what the question is. OUr IT support says they have installed so they have done their job but they set it up with no instructions and told us to look online.
I can see the schedule is in the calendar, I can see a screen is set up - why can I not see it on the screen?

Please help - I am absolutely frustrated with this whole thing.

Is this what you see on your player?

If it is, then good your player is connected to your CMS and it does display the default layout.

Now, you will need to log in to your CMS, design new layout(s) and schedule them to be displayed on your player.

Perhaps go through this guide
Should teach you the basic Xibo features.

Please also have a look at our training videos - Xibo Training Video Series

Hello - thanks so much for responding.
That is what I see on the screen - so that is positive.
However I have followed the instructions you posted - as have 3 other people separately) and we cannot see anything different to that image above.
It feels like we are missing one step which sends it to the screen?

The basic process is:
Design a layout (and make sure it’s valid)
Schedule that new layout to your display

Assuming new layout is valid and current layout does not have some long durations on it and of course that player is connected to the CMS, then it should work fine.

If you did design new layout and scheduled it to your player, if it still does not change the layout please capture a screenshot of status window on it for me.
(press ‘i’ on your keyboard while Xibo for Windows has focus to show status window)

Thanks for your help.
Our IT help has now said there is an issue our end with connection which is why it wont display (after telling me it was all fine).


Kind regards,

Shona Clayton
Director of Stakeholder Engagement