Playlists Generator

I know we’re developing the playlist functionality.
Already thinking about innovation, I believe we have a beautiful complement to this functionality.

Playlist Generator.

We may use the tags of the files, creating the playlist, we can inform the tags we want, and automatically all content containing this tag would be included.
The user could remove or add additional items.

This creates greater interactivity and use of tags in the system, currently only used in filters and groupers.

What do you think?

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I’ve added a link to this on the original Playlists Blueprint. We always intended to have a playlist that could be a tag / set of tags.

The idea of a generator is interesting - essentially where the tags are used to generate a playlist from the current library. (Our idea was to have the playlist dynamically change according to the tags)

DAN great, I think they are complementary …
The generator only helps to supplement their logic functionality.

I look forward to see the result.

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