Playlist with files from a folder?

how can i create a playlist how use different files from a folder ?
I’ll try to display different Imagefiles or PDF-Files with a Playlist on a simple Layout. It should possible that the user can change the files in this folder.
How can i create a Playlist with this features?
We use the XIBO 2.1.0

I hope you can help me.


Do take a look at the Playlists page from the User Manual, which will guide you through how to make a Playlist and adding Playlists to Layouts using the Sub-Playlist Widget.

Users can add/edit/replace media within a Playlist without needing to access the Layout.

Thats right but i see no Timeline in the settings, only this


Dynamic Playlists are managed automatically by the CMS based on filter criteria and you would not see the Timeline option on the row menu for a Dynamically created Playlist.

Could you therefore check to see if you can access the Timeline ensuring that it is a non-dynamic Playlist:

Thank you

Thank you very much. :wink:

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