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I currently have a layout the uses 2 Dynamic Playlists, one playlist is for Upcoming Events and all media gets uploaded with the tag Upcoming which populates the Upcoming Playlist no problem.
The other is general info again in a dynamic playlist with general tag,all no problem.
The layout is scheduled on the players and works fine but I can’t get the Upcoming Media to play in the order I need it to. I don’t want it randomized so that opotion is not selected and all the filenames and image names are Month-Day-Showname but it seems to be sometimes random in what it picks other times it seems to playback maybe 10 or so in correct date order then goes out randomly again.

All I really need to know is what determines the order media is played back from a dynamic playlist.
Is it the ID, Name or Filename of the media object.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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