Playing Tickers every ~20 minutes in 150 entry playlists

I am running CMS Version 2.3.9 in Docker on Ubuntu

Is there a way to interrupt a 150 entry playlist to play a number of tickers every 20 minutes or so? The Interrupt schedule would be great if there was a way to split the time into multiple segments, it appears this only works on the hourly basis currently.

I have a client with three very large ad lists and we want to break them up about every 20 minutes with a couple of Ticker feeds and then go back to the main playlist and continue where it left off?

Creating 10 sets of 3-5 tickers in a 150 ad playlist is unusably slow to create as there is no Copy Widget function in playlists and tickers need to be created from scratch every time. Unless I am missing a quicker way to do this. Also its not a single 150 ad playlist its three separate 150 ad playlists at different locations that this needs to be done with so it is severely time consuming to do manually.

Anyone have any suggestions?


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