Player won't stay full screen

Hi all,

Ran in to a problem with the player not staying full screen. Ubuntu 18 with R4 player.

After a reboot it does appear to stay full screen for some time, but after changing a few layouts it shows the top and left ubuntu interface panels… screenshot attached.

Thanks for the screenshot gitthismoney. Have you set a Length and Width for the Player window in the Linux Profile you are using with it? If not, I would recommend logging into your CMS, select Display Settings, then Edit your Linux Profile. Under the Location tab you should see the Width and Height fields. Enter the size you want the Player to stay and Save to confirm.

Once you know the Player has collected those changes, restart the Player to enforce the Window size settings. Does the issue still occur after some time?

Many Thanks.

Hi Dan, thanks for your reply!
I have indeed set the Linux display profile Width and Height…

The player launches full screen but after changing a few layouts becomes windowed as the screenshot shows above.

Still trying to narrow down what exactly causes it.

Thanks for confirming that the Width and Height have been set in the Profile.

How many Layouts do you have scheduled on the Player? You could try reducing the number of Layouts scheduled to see if the issue still persists. If it does, hopefully this will then help to narrow down if there are specific Layouts that cause the behaviour to occur.

Could you also confirm the media types in your Layouts, this could also help find out what is causing this behaviour.

Many Thanks.

I have one Campaign that has 3 layouts. The first layout contains a few images and a rss ticker. The 2nd layout uses several web page widgets. The 3rd layout is entirely rss tickers.

Ill try reducing the campaign to one layout and let it run, if it continues to lose fullscreen i’ll try another single layout…

appreciate the help!

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