Player wont respond to XMR

Hi Xibo-Team,

we have seen, that our player wont respond the XMR-pushes anymore. Pressing “i” on the player shows XMR status: connected, but when we create or modify a calendar-event, nothing happens. Nothing appears in the “i”-status-window… We opened Wireshark and have seen there are coming data from the CMS (TCP, Port 9505) to the Player after modifying a calendar-event. But as written above, nothings shows up, nor does the player anything.

We have tried the follwoing:

  • removed and re-installed the most recent player
  • deleted everyting under “Documents”
  • XMR reconfiguration (form CMS → Display settings)
  • removed the Display from the CMS and re-inserted

Nothing helps. The only “solution” we found, is to reduce the “Collect Interval” to 1 minute. This will pull new things from the CMS. But the XMR-push doesnt work…

Sending (Windows)-commands from the CMS to the Player works immediately.


Docker-CMS: 3.0.6
Player 302.4, Win10

Additional information: We have read, its a good XMR-test to fetch a screenshot from the player. This works instantly!

We tested further with Windows-Player 301 and 258. Same issue, pull via the collect intervall works, screenshots and commands from CMS to Player work instantly. But the layouts show up only after the collect intervall pulls it…

This is reproducible on all Windows-Players (we use only Windows-Player). As CMS we us the Docker-Version under Linux.

For information: We deployed now Windows Player R303.0-303 and the issue is gone.
We assume its related to this: XMR: consuming multiple sockets · Issue #247 · xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient · GitHub


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