Player window focus

I know that the interactivity will be available in future versions of the player, but I’ll ask just to make sure that the feature isn’t really available:

  • Player version: Windows 2 R254.1
  • OS: Windows 10 Home

We are using one Layout with 4 regions, not overlapping. 3 of them are displaying Webpage widgets, and one was intended to allow interaction with the user. In general, it works. The user can type or click in the HTML page and it changes its content.

My issue is: how to have the correct region with the focus, at the load of the display, without clicking the region ? Because to start working, I need to first click the region and after that, everything goes well.
I have an script running in this HTML page that tries to grab the focus in a timeout, but is just works after the first click in the region.

Any ideas ??

thanks in advance,


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