Player unable to display two videos at the same time


I have a campaign with a video that is scheduled and displayed correctly on the player
Then I add another campaign with another video and schedule it as an overlay

As soon as the player tries to read the overlay video, all the videos are bugged and either freeze or won’t play at all.

I’m using a V3 android player, on a V2 CMS.
Inside the player status, I saw a “use multiple video encoder: false”
Assuming that this was a feature introduced in the V3, I connected the player to a V3 CMS, changed the parameter to true, and connected it back to the V2 CMS. In the status, the parameter stayed as “true”.

However it didn’t help and I still get the following errors:

I tried to display both videos separatly and it worked just fine, so I don’t believe the issue is related to these specific medias.

Do you know how I could fix this bug ? Thanks.

Hi Axelm, thanks for passing on the details about your issue. I’ve been testing this on my DSCS9 (Android 7.1.2) on player version R302, connected to a version 2.3.12 CMS. I also have multiple decoders set to false. So far I’m not having any trouble showing a video in a layout with another video scheduled in an overlay.

I’m going to send you 2 layouts in a private message, please can you schedule Multiple videos layout as a standard layout event and Multiple video overlay as an overlay event? I would be interested if these videos both work for you when scheduled at the same time.

The error in your message suggests an issue rendering the video with ID 327 in your media library. Xibo for Android version 3 uses the Exoplayer video engine by default but I can see the error refers to awesome, which is interesting. Could you also try your setup on player version R217, which you can download here. That should be using Android Media Player as the video engine, I’d also like to see if this helps with your issue.

Many Thanks.