Player start and then goes to splash scren

I have one server with xibo cms installed on Ubuntu.

I connect some players to the server and some work and others, start, show the template for 10/20 seconds and then goes to the splash screen and doesn’t get out.
Someone could please help me?

Hi activelink11, welcome to the Xibo community!

There are a few errors shown in your screenshot that could explain the issue you are experiencing. The first thing I noticed was that your player is listed as not authorised. Can you authorise your player in your CMS? To do this you will need to go to the Displays menu in your CMS, then click the button at the end of the entry for the player and choose Authorise.

Once the player is authorised in your CMS, please can you clear the cache for that display. You can do this also on the Displays page but this time click the button at the end of the entry and choose Edit. When the Edit Display window opens, click save, which will clear the cache.

I can also see the error stating that layout ID 8 failed to play, due to the layout unsafe exception. This could be a reference to content that will not play due to the fact that the items in the layout have expiry/validity dates that are in the future or past. I would recommend checking that layout in case any expiration dates have been set. I can also see that there are errors in the required files section which confirm that the video was not played within 4 seconds, also that no region media nodes could be set. The required files section of the status page often lists a lot of different files that are required for the player, whereas yours does not. I suspect this could be related to the fact that the player is not authorised, which means it will not be permitted to download all of the files it requires.

Apologies for my long message but I hope this provides some context to the issues you are experiencing. Once you have authorised the player, cleared its cache and restarted it, I would be interested to know how it performs. If the issue persists, please provide a new screenshot of the status page and provide the following information:

  • What version of Xibo CMS are you using?
  • What version of Windows is your player installed onto?
  • What is the version number of your Xibo for Windows player?

Many Thanks.

I have set the duration of this layout for 16 hours and 40 minutes is this, does this means that my layout will stop at the end of the time?

The layout ID 8 that you have talked is a simple clock, i don’t know why that have an error!

Is this a layout problem right?

Thanks for your help DanBW

Thank you for your reply. A layout will play for the total duration before starting again or moving onto the next event, depending on the schedule you have created.

Have you followed any of the suggestions in my previous message? If you do not authorise the player then it will not be able to receive the files it requires, including your schedule. We also will not be able to troubleshoot the issue until we know your player is correctly set up. Please can you authorise the player, clear the cache and restart the player to see if the issue persists. If it does persist, please provide the information I requested in my last message.

Many Thanks.

Ok i have installed the server with Ububtu 20.04, and followed all the instructions in the xibo official platform.
I have set the ports, XMR 9505:9505 and the WEB, and i opened ports on the firewall 80, 8080,443,9505.
I’m using latest versions on Xibo CMS and Xibo Windows player, the windows version varies from one to the others.
I have followed you instructions and its working for now.

Thank you for the update on your issue and for confirming you have now followed my suggestions. I’m glad to hear the issue is currently resolved, if it should return please provide the details in reply to this message.

Many Thanks.