Player Question

Can anyone give me a recommendation for a Xibo player?
We want to use image stills and some video.


If you are asking about Android devices, please have a look here.

If you are asking about Windows client, then there are topics on this site like this one, that have some feedback about them.

Just any general recommendations? Most likely using an HDMI connection.

… Recommendations are in the links Peter provided. Using that information will ensure the best performance and support while using Xibo. If you are looking for more information such as min specs or something like I don’t think they really exist as Xibo is constantly being improved and new features added.

My recommendation for the best bang for the buck would be an Android device. I would highly recommend using HDMI over other connections. Also highly recommend hard wiring your device to ethernet and real power. Not power from the USB port on a TV or something like that. Always use a good quality power supply. Internal memory for storage I would recommend at least 16GB, but this depends on what you will be using Xibo for. (Never use SD cards for storage) A good video processor is a must if you would like to do tickers smoothly, have multiple items moving on the display at once or running hi-def videos. Make sure the device supports 4K if you are planning to run 1080P on an Android device. This sounds like overkill, but because a lot of Android devices cheat on 1080P by up scaling content, you can generally avoid this by using 4K compliant devices.