Player output to video stream instead of monitor


A Xibo player that would output/render the presentation as a live video stream rather than onto a screen so that it could be displayed as an IFRAME (for example) in a web page.

User Story

Our PR/Marketing department handles our Xibo-based internal digital displays on our college campus. They were wondering if it would be possible to have the student website also feature the same Xibo presentations that are played on campus to make them available to students who do not come to campus (but might for some of the featured events) without having to duplicate effort (posting to Xibo and the website CMS). I told them I was not aware of such an option at the moment but that I would inquire about it.

I guess an indirect option would be to capture monitor output on a dedicated client with 3rd-party software and stream that but perhaps someone has a better idea.


Why not use a Windows computer, run the client there and capture that frame? There are tons of free solutions for windows!

Yes, that’s what I was alluding to in my last paragraph, but it’s just a clunky solution. But from the looks of it, that might be the only solution.

This is a good idea. :wink:

That would be great!