Player only shows splash screen, not logged in (?)


My player only shows the default splash screen. Even when I try to schedule layouts, and in the admin panel under Displays it says not logged in, and status says out of date, not checked in with server.

How do I correct this?

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Could you please take a screenshot of status window on your player?
If you set default layout for this display then it’s quite possible that it’s still downloading content, but status window should make things clear.

I managed to sort it out.
But, I have this other problem.

Let’s say UserA is the one who logs in automatically when this player client boots, and the xibo player software is started automatically.

Problem, I remote into this client with UserB, so I thought I could edit the file XiboClient.config.xml in UserA\AppData\Roaming, give it the correct data, and when I boot the computer and UserA automatically logs in and starts the software, that’s the settings it would use.

But this does not seem to work. It does not seem to use the settings here, I’ve also edited default.config.xml in the program files directory, but still, it doesn’t work.

When I start the player software directly from the remoted in UserB, it works, with the same settings.

May I ask why would want to make changes this way?

All settings that are there can be adjusted either in Xibo Player Options (CMS address CMS key, hardware key etc) or in the CMS display/display profile.

That means I would have to physically do this at each client. Preferably I’d like to automate this as much as possible, we already have a suitable Windows Image we can deploy to all our players, just need to make a few changes to the task sequence for installing the player software and configuring a config file (if that’s possible, but it seems to not work with it).

We have a lot of players, this process needs to be automated.

That is how it should work, but it will be the user that starts the Xibo Player EXE (i’d imagine this was the same in your use case, but worth checking).

It merges the two files, with preference to the config in roaming.

I’ve run a test with two players side-by-side to ensure that they use the config file of the starting user - which they seem to do.

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