Player not updating from changeLayout API

I am using Xibo cms version 2.0.4 windows WAMP version, I have setup XMR and majority of the stuff is working. I have tried screenshot, and default layout API to be working. However, when I tried to issue a changeLayout post command, my player layout does not change. I have noticed that under the cms, that layout is added under assign layout. Is there anything else I need to do to set it to change layout immediately or is there any other area to check?

Below is a image of the Postman

if the layout has some media the player doesn’t already have, you should set the ‘downloadRequired’ parameter to ‘true’ I believe. Also the CMS sometimes sets different displayId and displayGroupId for a display (don’t know why). You can check this by getting the displays info from the API with the /display request with: ?displayId=1 in the query. So:
And from the response look for displayGroupId. That’s the actual id you should use with the changeLayout request. It might be the same as the displayId but sometimes not.

Thanks for your advice. I have just tried that but the status is the same, reply ok but player screen did not update.
I have just tried using another remote XMR for testing and it works. I am currently figuring out the difference. The one that is not working one is a Windows 10 64 bits, while the working one is Windows 7 32 bits.
Php version is both 5.6. There is no error while running XMR. Is there any way to get more information on the XMR debug mode?

I have just tried upgraded my php version to 7.2 and running XMR with this version and it is working now. Thanks for all your help.