player for Android in Smart TV Gear with Android 7.7

I installed the player for android on a Gear smart tv with android 7.7, but it happens that it is only able to play the first slide and then only shows the default slide of the system. I did the same test on a cell phone and on windows, and all the slides are shown in that case.

What can it be? I think it has something to do with the android version on the smart tv gear.

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Hi @cristianCYL and welcome to the Xibo Community!
Please can you send me a private message with a screenshot or photo of the status page from the Gear display?
Please see the following on how to view the status page: Getting the Player Status | Xibo Digital Signage

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Update: I have followed the instructions in the following link: Problem Xibo with on android

and everything seems to work as expected.

I am testing on the Gear smart tv and on a BGH.

I hope this helps someone else.

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