Player downloading new files

Hello there!

I visited some old topics trying to solve this issue, but it appears to be more complicated.

  • I checked the time/date settings and it is fine by now.
  • I verified the modules and restarted the player.

And however, it is still “downloading files”.
Is there any other procedure I could take?

Can you provide more information about the issue you’re experiencing? I can’t see on your Status page screenshot that the Display is downloading any files. According to the CMS Status section of the page, it states that the Schedule is up to date and all 26 required files are downloaded and up to date.

Many Thanks.

Oh sorry, the message is on the CMS page. It is in portuguese. Here is the screenshot:

the player does not play any of the media downloaded…

Thank you for the response!

Thank you for the screenshot of your Displays page in your CMS. Can you confirm what version of the Xibo Player and CMS you are using?

Many Thanks.

CMS: 1.7.10

Xibo player: it is running on a Android device, version: 1.8.

Thank you for confirming. I suspect the issue may be caused by using a 1.8 Player with a 1.7 CMS. I would recommend either upgrading your CMS to the Latest version, which is 1.8.12 or downgrading your Player to 1.7 R64. I have included links to both below:

To download Xibo for Android 1.7 R64 use this link:

To download the Latest version of Xibo CMS use this link:

If the issue persists after upgrading your CMS or downgrading your Player, please let me know.

Many Thanks.

I will change the versions as you suggested. I Appreciated your help!

Hello again!

I changed the Android apk version and it persisted.
Should I try upgrading the CMS?

Before upgrading your CMS, I would first recommend deleting the Display entry in your CMS, then reconnecting your Display to the CMS.

If this does not resolve the issue, I would then recommend proceeding with the CMS upgrade.

Many Thanks.


I am installing the new CMS, but the develop team will need a Ubuntu version to proceed, may I have it?

Below is a link to the Xibo for Docker on Ubuntu Guide, which includes a link to the latest CMS files:

Many Thanks.

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It is working fine now! thanks for the help.

Brilliant news! Glad you are now up and running.

Many Thanks.

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