Player downloading issues

Player Version

v4 R400


Hello. I recently upgraded to version 4.0.1 of the cms. Now all of my displays are stuck on a downloading files status. The file in particular being fonts.css. I’m not sure what is causing this and I’ve done all the things I can think of to remedy. Can you assist please?

Thank you.
Here’s a screenshot:

Just an update: I see this error in the log

Not found FileId: 1. FileType: fontCss. Unable to get file pointer

Issue has resolved itself!

In an effort to make Xibo even more scalable, we do more work in the background than we did in earlier releases. I expect this was a background task taking a short while to run fully after upgrading.

I’m pleased it solved itself!

I had the same exact issue and eventually it worked itself out as well.

I am seeing this issue as well.

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