Player choice for xibo?

I intend to acquire new player, only I hesitate between the different processors, in your opinion for an optimal use, I use xibo for the diffusion of media several mp4 sometimes 2 at the same time with the superposition,
So between the intel j1900, atom x5 Z8350 or the celeron Celeron 3215U, which one is better
thank you

Hi malix. Unfortunately I cannot suggest which processor will be best for your use case, you will need to test to know for sure which will suit your use case.
You may also find some help on the hardware section of the community forum, which is where many Xibo users discuss the different devices they have tested.

I use the Intel compute stick (STK1AW32SC), which has the Intel Atom X5-Z8330 CPU. So far I have found performance to be adequate for my use case and can confirm I have scheduled layouts that included up to 3 videos. This is just information about my experience with the compute stick, I am not making a suggestion which hardware you should use, only that I have seen multiple videos being played when using it for testing.
I hope you are able to find some helpful information and choose the right device for your Xibo signage.

Many Thanks.

Thank you very much for your answer

Not sure what budget you’re working with, but I use Intel NUCs with i3 processors, 8GB of RAM, and a SSD of either 128 or 256GB. We use Windows 10. The build usually comes out to around $350.

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We are using Intel NUCS after 8th gen starting from i5 and 8GB ram with a 128 SSD, no issues at all, 1080P is no problem, have not tried 4K yet.