Player API working examples

Hi i have read the API doc,
Can you please provide some working examples that shows.

  • how i can Register a client to the CMS
  • how to down load the scheduled layout.
  • how to down load the mediafiles

the same way you have done for CMS Application 1.8 API Introduction
and this was very help full (

I have been able to use Postman and the API call the the CMS. These links explain it very nicely. Thanks for that…

Do i need to make SOAP calls the the server form the Player ?

so these are the values i need to add to the SOAP call

Please help me with the values that are set to = ???

serverKey (Found under //xibo/admin/view)
hardwareKey ( ??? )
displayName (NameOfTheDisplay)
clientType (???)
clientVersion (???)
clientCode (???)
operatingSystem (???)
macAddress (ClientMacAdr)
xmrChannel (???)
xmrPubKey (???)

Iam now able to register a player via the SOAP.
The only filed that was mandatory are

  • serverKey
  • hardwareKey
  • displayName

I have also been able to get the schedule of the player by using

And now i know what file and layout i need to download.

But how do i download files and layout ?
urn:GetResource ?
urn:GetFile ?

and what parameter do i need to add and where to find them ?


Do you want to actually download the files media/layout via API or just see what’s in the schedule.xml and requiredFiles.xml on existing player?

Iam trying to build a app that can run on samsung…
For that i need the player to be able to get the Schedule filed (That i have got now).

Now i need to download the files from CMS server to the player.

As i siad i have been able to register the screen with CMS. Got the Schedule data. I need to some how downlaod the media fiels now.

how should i do that…

This is what you need:

Indeed, all the calls you’ve mentioned so far are xmds calls.


Now I have got the “RequiredFiles” list
and iam able to get the file. But i had to play around with chuckSize

What should chuckSize and chunkOffset be on different files ?
Can i use the file size to calculate chuckSize ?

I am not a programer. but made a small python script that make a slider show of images inside a layout attached to a display.

Reason i made this is some customer that even dont want to buy a andriod box for 60$, so now they will be able to use there smart TVs and just point to a given URL on a web server…

This scrip will create a folder with the display name and put all files inside it…

For the moment this is for only one region, jpg and png.

Hope someone else how can programer could add the function of more regions (css) , Schedule and duration on the images.

hellow peter,
please, can you explaine me how i can use api to connecte to the xibo server and show screen (like a xibo player in desktop)

thank you