Player API and XMR encrypted messages

Hello everyone,

I am trying to make my own player using xibo player api. since i am using xibo cms v.2.2.2, the player should support xmr. I made a script that subscribe to topic and read messages. But they are encrypted. I want to capture these messages and take a revelant action on player but i am bit confused about decryption. What is the proper way to using xmr on costum player? (Player API documentation does not tell anyting about it). Thanks in advance.

During the register display call you provide an XMR channel and an XMR public key.

The messages you receive on the XMR channel are openssl_sealed with the public key you’ve provided. You can then verify the message with your private key stored on the Player.

This is important because the messages are transferred over a TCP socket and are “in the clear”, so you want to be able to verify that the message comes from someone with your key (which should only be the CMS).

I hope that helps!

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply. Messages are encrypted because of security reasons, it is totally okay. I am trying to understand how can I make my own player works in real time.

Let me explain with an example: When I change my layout on CMS, I want to apply these changes on my player immediatly. I tested with your Windows player, it works well. With my previous experience on websockets, my thought was all changes comes in message when something changes on layout, so subscriber(player) can parse messages and apply.

Thats why I asked about how decrypt messages but I think I am on the wrong way.

Can you please explain me what makes a player “real time”? I mean how my player can understand what changed on layout? (without using collect interval)

Thanks in advance for your help.

You are on the right track for sure - the CMS sends an XMR message to the Player to tell it that something has changed and that it needs to connect and download those changes.

Getting XMR working is definitely what you want to do! :smile:

These are all of the messages that XMR can support:

collectNow is the one you are talking about.

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Oh okay, everyting is clear now! Thanks for your time, Dan :hugs:

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