Player Android 4 cannot install on HISENSE

I cannot install Xibo player v4 R404 on “Hisense Standard Signage Monitor 55” UHD 500nit 24/7”.
I receive an error as “corrupted file”.
The v3 version installs on this monitors.
Who can help me?

HI Arturo_Blancona,

Please can you try downloading and installing R403 from this link.

  • Does it install, or do you see the same issue as with your R404 download?
  • If it does work, can you download a new copy of R404 and see if you can upgrade the player to R404?

Many Thanks.

Can you uninstall R403 from your monitor?
Select xibo apk, long press “OK” button of remote control, will pop out uninstall option.

Install &uninstall Tutorial