Playback dropouts

Hi all

We’ve installed a Xibo set-up for a client and it all works smooth except for one issue.
Before playback of any video file the signal from the players drops just enough for the display to flash black and bring up a Source banner.
This occurs even if we sequence multiple movies in one layout, between each asset the screen goes briefly black
this does not happen with images.
Ubuntu CMS 1.7
Minix Neo U1 players driving Samsung 55" TV’s

Any suggestion on how to stop this interruption?


That’s rather odd, I don’t think we’ve encountered such issue.

I assume neo u1 is connected to the TV via Hdmi?

Are you using full screen videos or is there something else on the screen as well?

in Xibo itself, you could try using TextureView that should improve video playback:
Display settings page -> Edit display profile assigned to your device -> Troubleshooting tab -> Use a SurfaceView for Video Rendering? (disable it).
Restart your device and make sure it’s no longer using surface view (there is line about that on status screen).

The above will change android video rendering method, but if the TV is losing signal from the u1 then could be some other issue - perhaps check TV settings or try to update u1 firmware? You could also try different hdmi cable, although if it happens only with videos on the layout then that’s probably not the cable’s fault.

Thanks for the reply Peter

Yep we’re using the HDMI cables that came with the Neo’s. I’ve got the latest Firmware on all the Neo’s.
As for the layout, I have a 4K image as a background with a 1080p video panel, not full screen, and a text panel. I’ll try setting the rendering method when I’m back on site next week.
I’ve gone through all the TV’s settings and so far no luck. I’d understand it was between scheduled layouts, but it happens within the layout each time it goes to play a movie file.

Sorry for the delay but I did manage to solve this issue.
the Neo players had defaulted to HDMI Level 2 in the display settings dropping this back to HDMI Level 1 gave me better playback along with selecting output from OSD.
Disabling TextureView gave me even better performance initially but after a few minutes of playback I’d lose video (still had the audio)