Play layout once within hourly repeating schedule


Hi Community,

I have a question to repeat functionality, searched around the forum, guess I found the answer already and would like to double check.

Imagine a scheduled campaign running forever with several layouts in a loop. I’d like to play out a special layout (a video of a certain length) additionally every hour - no problem setting a repeat hourly 1.
BUUUT: my goal is to play this layout/video just once(!) every hour.

My understanding is (based on conversations here in that forum and documentation) that I would need to define a length of this repeating hourly schedule similar to the layout/video length but will probably run in a middle cutted video playout.

Am I correct here and there is no proper way to schedule a hourly repeating schedule which is just playing once within this hour?

Thanks for your help!

Repeat once option

You are correct, you would need to set the Event start and end time to the same as the Layout that you want to repeat every hour. There is not currently a Repeat once option.

For example, I have a Campaign set to run always, with a Priority set to 0. If I have a Layout that is 5 minutes long and I want display once every hour, I would create a schedule like below:


This would create an Event that repeats every hour from 11:00, with a higher Priority than the Campaign, for 5 minutes (the length of my Layout).

I hope this helps to answer your question.

Many Thanks.


Hi Dan!

Thanks a million for taking the time to answer my question, confirming my assumption and pointing out / showing a work-a-round.

Any chance to get this feature into Xibo? Any chance to vote for it?



You are welcome to create a post in the Features section of the Community forum if you would like to.

This will encourage discussion about the feature suggestion and will also be considered by the Development team for future releases.

Many Thanks.