Picture Limits on a layout (Android)

Is there any limit as to how many picture can be displayed in a region? Our Andriod box is 16GB, when I check the status of the Xibo app, it shows memory limit of 512MB and Memory Allocation: 93 MB. We have around 40 clients running at different locations and we seems to have issues with layouts that contains too many pictures ( 60 and above @ 2 MB each)

Hi Terence

The Android Player uses an image cache to pre-load the images. There shouldn’t be a particular problem with a large number of images, but at 2MB size I would assume you’re using a relatively high DPI on those. We recommend 96dpi on the images for reliable operation.

Android itself limits the amount of RAM an application can use, so we’re using 93MB on that device which is within the limit.

You don’t say what the issue you experience is on those devices. Some more detail on that would be helpful.


Hi Alex,

I need your help.

I use CMS 1.6.4 and Clien Android 1.4

I have one layout [25 pics max. 1 M each, 15 videos aprox 10M each] working great. I created and added one more picture with the same details as others pictures in layout and client crashes due the lack of RAM.

Now, when the client shows the new picture, the XIBO client crashes.
Is there something to do on picture to solve this problem?

Thank You!

You’re using a very old version of the Player. Please upgrade to the latest 1.4/1.6 version (or 1.7 if you have a suitable licence) as there have been lots of improvements in the Android Player in that time.

Thank you!

That solved my problem.

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