PHP7.4 soon to be EOL; PHP 8 support?

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PHP7.4 is EOL at the end of Nov 2022; I see the install requirements still say php8 isn’t supported. I wondered what the progress or plans, if any, are for a release that supports php 8?

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It does not seem desirable to run PHP 7.4 after it went EOL. Would also like to see an update on this.

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Hi Daniel_Bird and mbond008, welcome to the community!

The development team are aware of this and are working towards a release that supports PHP 8. Please keep an eye on the Xibo blog for further updates on PHP 8 support.

Thank you both for raising this question, I hope other community users will also see this post if they are wondering what is happening with PHP 8 support.

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Hi Team,

Hope all is well. Have been checking the blog for a while but did not come accross any news on PHP 8 support. PHP 7.4 went EOL a couple of weeks ago and support for PHP 8 would be highly appriciated.

Is there an update on the progress you are able to share with the community?

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Hello all community users who are checking the company blog for more information about PHP 8 support. I have spoken to the development team, who have confirmed that PHP 8 support as a key requirement for the upcoming version 4 Alpha. More news about the alpha’s release will be posted on the Xibo Blog in the near future.

In the meantime, here is a link to the issue report for PHP 8 so you can track its progress:

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