Perpetual License Upgrades and Future Scalability

Our client currently uses Xibo version 1.8.12 and needs to add 8 more devices to their existing setup.

I have a specific concern regarding future upgrades. If our client decides to add one or two additional players in the future, and at that time there is a major version upgrade for both the CMS and the player software, will they be required to upgrade all the players, or can they just upgrade the new ones? We need to find a reasonable and cost-effective solution for our client to handle potential future upgrades.

Additionally, I couldn’t find any upgrade options for perpetual licenses when I logged into the existing pool; only subscription plans were visible. Could you please provide information on the cost for perpetual upgrades for self-hosted installations and clarify the upgrade process?

Hi @Prabashi_Amaranayake and welcome to the Xibo Community!

Our Helpdesk is the best place to ask sales related questions and I can see that you’ve already opened a ticket with our Sales team there.

A member of the our Sales team will respond to your ticket as soon as they are able to.

thanks. I received email from sales team. My concern is if we opt for new version licenses, we may have to invest in upgrades promptly if a major upgrade is released soon. Additionally, if that version becomes unsupported quickly, we also need to replace the devices. I’m curious about the community’s experience regarding this type of issue.