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Hey, we are having some issues with permissions on shared playlists where if the playlist is shared with multiple users with all view edit and delete permissions the user that didn’t add the widget to the playlist doesn’t actually get permissions on the individual widgets inside the playlist. I believe the permissions on widgets used to inherit from the playlist but they no longer do so if there are multiple users editing a playlist they are unable to edit content added by someone else.

We thought we were able to work around this by making 1 user the owner of the playlist but that doesn’t help other users and we still ran into an issue when trying to delete a widget from a playlist it gave us a blank red error message.

Is there a way we can make the widgets inside the playlist inherit the playlist-sharing permissions? we have some playlists with too many items to set this individually on each widget especially when we get new users added into the system.

The Playlist Sharing permissions:

Widget with no permissions:

Blank error when deleting a widget not shared as the playlist owner:

Thank you

Same problem here… i already shared athe hole folder to users and groups… but it dosen’t work

i was looking the database permissions table and saw that:


The permission to edit the region it ok, but the system dont give the permission to the playlist edit/ delete

We upgraded to 3.3.3, enabled SAML and moved to a group structure for the layouts and images. Our users now get “This Widget is not shared with you” when accessing a playlist created prior to the migration. I think I can get around it by changing the owner of the layout to the person editing it, but if there are 6 people in the department that may need to change PDFs in the layout, how do I handle that?

I solved this by creating a copy of those layouts in the new version (inside the correct folder)… after this, all the permissions get fine… the problem is in layouts and items created before the migration.

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