Permissions and Sharing are not Inheriting

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CMS Version 4.0.10 running on Portainer

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Hi, I’m Seeing an issue with sharing permissions and setting up users and user groups on this version of CMS. We have Individual users set up via SAML Single Sign on with Active Directory - ADFS & a Folder structure dividing all assets (media/displays/playlists/schedules/etc) up across the country by state (see Below).

The problem is Sharing / permissions don’t appear to be Inheriting from the folders or from parent folders. this causes an issue where media uploaded, Playlists or layouts created by one user are not viable by another unless they directly share it with the other user or user group after creating each item or uploading each piece of media. (example screenshots below)

Playlist created by user 1 in the SYD → Office folder

Is not visible to another user in the same group and it has no share permissions

Another issue is instead of only showing the user the folders shared with them they see a bunch of messy Private Folders, making it difficult to find their folders if nested under another folder. Also subfolders are also not inheriting as you can see below the triple M folder is not shared but the parent and other folders are.


Is there any way we can enable Inheritance to all objects?

You have checked this permission?


Could you please take a screenshot of folder access right?