Pasting formatted text into the editor

Hi there,

i tried using the Paste from MS-Word function today for a while, but the formatting is quite different from what i see in Word / Libre Office / Pages.

Text Color and Font Size seem to work in most of the cases, but especially the spacing between the lines is always much smaller, making the text unreadable.

Also, once pasted, the text attributes (such as font size or color) can no longer be edited in the editor view, but only in the source code view.

What am i doing wrong?

CMS Version: 1.7.3

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!

Best Regards


Paste from Word is a function of the HTML Editor we embed - CKEditor - so if you have any comments on how well that works (or not) you would be better reporting those to that project directly.

In general we wouldn’t recommend pasting in formatted text as it will likely not scale correctly within the Xibo system. You will always be better off pasting in plain text and formatting appropriately inside the Xibo CMS.

Thanks for the heads-up alex, i will report to the CKEditor community and format within the CMS!

Best regards


There is a plugin for CKEditor, ‘Paste from Word’. Maybe enableing it would solve this issue.

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