Parametric content


I would like to enable/disable different types of content (layout, playlists, schedules, events) depending on the state of some variables, which can either be set in the CMS or though the API.

For example, there could be a variable called buildingEvacuation. And for each display there would be a overlay layout assigned by an event with max priority, that for example shows where the next emergency exit is from its specific location. But these events for all displays should be disabled, unless a variable “buildingEvacuation” is set to true. And when the variable is changed to false, the event will be deactivated for all screens.

And there should be multiple variables be able to set as condition whether a scheduled event is to be displayed, meaning: only if all conditions are met, an event becomes part of a schedule. If not, the schedule reverts to the content with the next lower priority. If that’s conditions are also not met, we move even further down the priority lane.

User Story

We would like to use Xibo to run all displays in our exhibition tourist attraction. But there are many display whose content depends on many conditions. For example, a monitor could show available times for guided tours. And if there are no more tours for the day, it could show times for another thing, except that the restaurant is empty, then it should promote the latter instead etc. Same thing for signs: In our place, different destinations have different opening hours and should only be visible on signs when they are open etc.