Page "Not found page" does not honor CMS_ALIAS

CMS Version


Installation method

  • Docker
  • branch release30
xibosignage/xibo-cms             release30     sha256:5c526519e40dcb2a7a26ebb6412bf532b98f156b9d72fe3e90964fa80f1b6523   c3d8b25d69c9   11 days ago     538MB


Win 10


Similar to my original post here, CMS_ALIAS is not properly honor in “Not Found Page”

The Home button in the not found page does not honor CMS_ALIAS option properly. However, the script in that page does. Please see the screen capture below

Screen capture

  • Pay attention to the href in the home button. It should be /cmsx/ instead of / if it is honor CMS_ALIAS properly IMO

Thank you for posting, I have passed this to our dev team.

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