Overwriting templates (twig) in Xibo 1.8

Hi Guys,

I’m currently testing the new Xibo 1.8 RC1 version,and I want to add some customization into the status dashboard page.
I’ve created a custom theme and created my own dashboard.css file, so far so good. But how can I make my adjustments in dashboard-status-page.twig without making the changes into the core view files? I tried creating a new folder called views into my custom theme and placed my dashboard-status-page.twig into it. But that doesnt work and default is still loaded.

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work! I really like 1.8, its working very well so far and it does have some great improvements compared to 1.7.9.

I will reply on my own topic with the answer:

Open config.php in your custom theme folder and add the following line to the config array ‘view_path’ => ‘…/web/theme/yourtheme/views’`

Then add a folder called view in your custom theme folder and then copy the twig files you want to overwrite from the core folder /views.

Thats it! :slight_smile: