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We have 5 screens running at our school. I’ve created an overlay that sits at the top and points to a layout in which a webpage is embedded showing a timetable for busses.
The layout has a box that is specified to 600px in height and 1920 in width.

Everything works perfectly but randomly the overlay disappears and a reboot of the player is required to bring it back.

I have another overlay running in the bottom of every screen showing a clock and there is no problem with this, it never disappears…

An update to the latest version of the player didn’t solve the issue. I’m current running version 2.3.7 of Xibo

Any clue if it’s a bug that relates to:

or if I’m doing something wrong?

After updating to the latest version of the Windows player the overlay worked perfectly for almost exactly 11 hours. Then it disappeared again… :confused:

Thanks in advance!


Hi Henriksacsson, welcome to the community!

I wondered if you could export the overlay and standard layouts you refer to in your message so I can schedule them to my player for testing? If this is indeed possible, please provide the link in a private message.

Can you also confirm if you are seeing any errors in the logs for your player when this issue occurs?

Many Thanks.

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