Overlay Video Problem with Android v2 player

we have a problem with four player (v2-204) and overlay video. We have CMS 1.8 Server and about 20 players with v1.8-106 and v1.8-108 versions.
There is a number of layouts that works the same way reported below:
Base Layout

  • There is background image (z-index=0) vertical splitted in middle where the left part is “empty” and in right part there is a fixed image;
  • In left part there is a “repeat” region (z-index=1) with video;

Overlay Layout

  • There is only a loop “repeat” region (z-index=2) in left side with another video;

A generic monitor was assigned the Base Layout and via the palimpsest an Overlay Layout is assigned for some days.
The expected result is that video in Overlay Layout override base video and this works for v1.8-* player (we have some problems about duration and repeat, but this is another problem) but in v2-204 player video remaining “blank” after a single repeat of base video.
So, have you some idea in what’s wrong with this configuration?

Thanks in advance for help,


It sounds like you’re essentially putting two videos on top of each other? One in the base layout and one in the overlay.

Not all Android hardware can decode two videos at the same time, and very few can actually show two videos at the same time - I would imagine this is your issue.

If you model it as a base layout without any video, an overlay with the normal video and then a priority overlay with the overriding video, I think that will work better.


Hi Dan,
I will try as you suggest. Two question about this:

  • What do you means with “priority overlay”? Something about z-index like now or other parameters?

  • How I will must set duration for both videos? Base video (now is the “background”) have a fixed duration that I know, but overlay videos will have less or more duration. There is a right way to set this? I need “simple operations” because is my final customer that will perform overlay activities and the only operation that he performs now is video upload and replacement on the layout that will be overlayed by palimpsest (and setting palimpsest on monitors, of course).

Thanks in advance,

When you Schedule an overlay Layout (or any Layout) you can set a priority on the Schedule. The highest priority applies at any given time.
See here for a description of all the properties on a Scheduled Event.

Your original message made it sound like the Overlay applied for a number of days in a loop:

If that is the case, you would set that video to end detect and it would simply repeat for all of the time it was scheduled. Once the schedule was complete, the overlay would be removed and the base video reappear.

Just as a point to note, you might be able to do the same with two normal Layouts - both duplicates, except for the video.

Ok, thanks!

I’m not sure that I understand. I must create three template:

  1. Layout Base have a background image on right side (there is a News RSS at bottom-right);
  2. Layout Default have region with repeat and a Video with a duration of, for example, 2minutes
  3. Layout Overlay same of Layout Default but with another video with a different duration (more or less of 2 minutes)
    Now I must set the Layout Default by palimpsest for all 2020 year (from 2020-01-01 to 2020-12-31) and I want that Overlay Video override Default Video from 2020-04-01 to 2020-04-15. I set the overlay layout with this range of dates on palimpsest and with high priority and nothing else?

I’m trying and I will write you the result.
Thanks a lot!

Layout Base: Schedule -> Layout -> Always -> Priority 0
Layout Default: Schedule -> Overlay Layout -> Always -> Priority 0
Layout Overlay: Schedule -> Overlay Layout -> At the time you want -> Priority 1

When Layout Overlay Schedule is active, it will swap places with Layout Default.

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