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Hello there. What I’m trying to do is overlay a 30-second video on top of my scheduled layouts.

My base layout is a web page and every 1 minute, I would like the video to appear and overlay on the top layer and play the entire video (30 seconds). After the video ends, it vanishes and I can see the web page again. After 1 minute, the video will then appear again and after the video finishes it disappears and I can see the web page again and it repeats.

Web Page 1 minute, Video (30 seconds), Video Disappears and See Web Page, Video (30 Seconds), Video Disappears and See Web Page… repeats

What I’ve tried to do is schedule an overlay layout set to repeat every 1 minute. But this doesn’t seem to work. In one of the displays, the video would end at the last frame and it just remains there. In another display, the video doesn’t play at all.

My setup:
-Created an overlay layout
-Set to ‘Dayparting’, starting time from now, and ending time at a later ending date (this video will not be needed anymore past that date).
-Repeats tab > set to repeat every 1 minute. Until is set to the ending date mentioned.

Would appreciate any help or advice. Thank you.

P.S I understand that I can just add this into each display’s individual playlist but I’m hoping for sort of a bulk-add option so I can just schedule an ‘Overlay’ in that sense which can be applied to all of my displays.

Hello and welcome to the Community!
Create a Layout to add the video to and also add a Spacer with a 30 second duration. Then schedule this Layout as an ‘Always’ Overlay Layout.

This worked, thanks a lot for your assistance!

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