Output 4k or FHD resolution random problem and solution

xibo cms 4.0.9 self hosted, player android box 4.0.4 output panel LG 4K signage.

Hello, I’d like to share my experience and solution regarding the issue of resolution settings constantly
changing. The output resolution on my android box is fixed at 4K. However, I encountered a problem where the player sometimes outputs in FHD and sometimes in 4K. It seemed to happen randomly, making it difficult to identify the cause. Although I tried fixing the resolution in the display settings, the problem persisted. Eventually, I found some information about 4K-related issues with Android boxes on a website (4K resolution on Android boxes | Slideshow - Free digital signage software for Android). It mentioned that insufficient frame buffer for 4K output could cause problems. Fortunately, the box I use (Ugoos X4Q) had a menu to change the frame buffer to 4K, and simply changing this resolved the issue for me