Option to 'Publish' Layout Changes



At the moment, any edits made to a layout in the editor are ‘live’ so to speak. For example, if you make changes to a layout that is scheduled on a player, then the player on its next collection might pick up whatever changes you’ve made before they are complete.

Could there be an option to edit layouts as drafts, before ‘publishing’ them to players in order to make that version live?

This feature would also have a history view, so previous versions of a layout could be restored.


Widget Override Template - remember prior override

Well, try use reference to a special wordpress page. You get that functionality. I do that at times.
XIBO is so versatile. On top template function is there and save/copy under another name…

or develop in a separate XIBO install. We do that also. The production XIBO is kept clean that way


We’re certainly considering such a feature - its a good idea. We needed some of the background changes in 1.8 to make it possible - but now that those have been made we should be able to implement for the next version.

The workaround of copy/reschedule is the best way forward in the meantime.


Is there any update on this feature request status?, It would be great to have this functionality available.



It has been queued for development in 2.0.0-alpha: https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo/issues/1512