Open GL issue on player

Hi All,

Ive seen this issue a couple of times but didn’t see a solution and was wondering if anyone had managed to solve it.

My setup is as follows:

  • CMS running on 2014 mac pro on docker
  • Player running on 2014 mac mini running ubuntu 22.04.03 LTS

My Issue:
When I try to push content to the player I only see a black screen on the player and this is reported in the logs: [GstMediaPlayer] Error from element sink: Failed to initialize OpenGL with Gtk

Things I’ve tried/know:
I’ve confirmed that OpenGL works on the player with glxgears.
I’ve tried re installing the player.
The content plays in the preview.
When pushing just text to the display it seems to work, its only when media is involved I have problems.

Any insight would be very helpful.