Only one display shows the layout

hello, I am using Xibo for windows and also i am using my own server,I have 2 displays. when i schedule multiple displays, every time only one display shows. can you help me?

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Just to clarify, are you still using 1.4 CMS/client?

As for this situation, so when you schedule something and you pick both of your displays then when exactly the problem occurs?
ie on schedule page or is only one player displaying the scheduled content etc.
So long story short we would need more details.

Also if do still use 1.4, we would really recommend upgrade to the newest version.

No i am using 1.7 CMS/client now.

Great, that’s good.

So could you please tell us more about your problem please?
ie please describe what you do and on which point there is a problem.

Do i need to refresh every time xibo client after i schedule something?

If you close and re-open client you force it to connect to the CMS.
It shouldn’t be necessary, each collection interval player connects to the CMS for updated/new content/schedule there are some things that may interfere with layout playback like long running layouts (long durations). Other than that, client should pick up any new/updated content and display what you scheduled it to display.

OK thanks for the help :smile: