Only background and nothing else

Player Version

3 R301.1


On one of my display computers I just get background image for the first 20 seconds of every loop. After that it works as intended, but those 20 seconds kinda ruins the impression. The same layouts works on other computers running the same player version. All running Windows 10.

In the log I get the following, which doesn’t say me much:

Unknown error during getResource. E =

Server is running 3.0.4 in Docker on an Ubuntu 20.04 host.

edit: Correction. After the 20 seconds with only background it displays the intented content for the remainder of the period. So if I have a layout that’s one minut I’ll get 20 seconds of nothing and then 40 seconds of proper content, but if the layout is 22 seconds I only get two seconds of content. Apparently it’s taking something 20 seconds to time out, but I have got no clue what…

edit 2: Just for the record: This also happens with the Default Layout which came with Xibo and which I have never touched. So it isn’t a layout issue.

If it is only happening on one of your displays with the others being unaffected then it is likely to be something related to that particular machine or install.

Check and make sure that Windows is up to date and the player shows as up to date in the Displays grid within the CMS as first steps.

Yep, that was my conclusion as well, just can’t seem to figure out what. Both Windows and the Xibo client are fully updated.

I don’t really know how to interpret this?

The date in last contacted is fresh, so the client is obviously communicating regularly with the server.

Try and do a Display cache clear, edit and save the display record in the CMS (without actually editing anything) and see if that helps. You could also try verifying modules in the CMS too.

What files are showing as yet to download on your display manage page?

how can i clear the display cache?

You edit the Display record, then save it making no changes.

hello natasha,
o.k. you mean in CMS directly under Display and there then the said screen?

Yes, if you go to Displays and then use the Row menu to edit, you can use the Advanced tab and deselect (if already selected) and then reselect Clear Cached Data checkbox, click to Save.

O.K. natasha…thanks…

i have the version Version 2.3.13

Is the player xibo-client-v3-R301.1-win32-x86 right for this xibo CMS or must i get the xibo-client-1.8.10-win32-x86 player version?

about an answer thanks sa lot

is this picture here o.k.? Always is loading 1.xlf

Hi Natasha, the hook at clear cache has been set…did not have to set a hook! And now?

with your xibo version 1.8.12 i have no problems an i don´t net there XMR on my windows and the screen is always displayed the picture!!

What is in your newer versions like 2.XX and 3.XX other?

Your other Layout (19) is showing as invalid so you need to check why, assuming that you have checked to ensure that the Layout itself is valid. If it is, then check modules by clicking Verify All. If that does not work take a closer look at what files are not downloading properly and see if there are any duplicates.

1.xlf is showing as it is just showing Layout ID 1, if it was showing Layout ID 100 it would be 100.xlf, so that is normal and expected to be shown.

With regards to Player versions, as long as the Player version is higher or equal to the CMS you are using it will run in compatibility mode, but wont have any of the added Player functionality.

Our latest versions for v2 and v3:

Hi natasha, thanks for the info. can you please let me know how to check the modules all. Where do I find the “Verify”?

thank you

Go to Modules under the Administration section of the main CMS menu:

Hello natasha, what can you see about my picture? Must i go to edit right an all caches delete?

best regards

That just does not work with the new versions…is shit real!!! I’ll just stay with the old Xibo 1.8.XX ready from!

I also read again and again that many users have difficulties with the new versions…

Now I’ve tried times the version 3.0.5 nstalliert on XAMPP with php 8.1 udn then comes at the installationWebinterfaxe an X at php version!!! Should be higher 5.1 I think udn installed is 8.1…was is this for a nonsense. Was also already posted here.


…and why have you changed the xibo because so…formerly with the 1.8.x version en ran it but also great on the Windows players!!! Now most have problems with the XMR udn many Webhoster do not support that at all…so Webhoster where you have to pay! that I do not good :frowning:

Sometimes I find a renewal is not always beneficial…egal…then I stay with the Old 1.8 er version.

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