Online column on the screen Version Player

Dan, you could create a column to tell if the player is online or offline by clicking version Displays Group?

Sorry, but I do not understand what you mean? You can already tell if a player is on/offline using the Display logged in column.

Hello Dan,

I understand, it seems a pointless request.

I have some CMS with a very large number of displays. Upon deployment of a new version I end up checking in Displays Groups screen all displays and their respective versions. So we can focus on what was not updated automatically and identify the problem. It turns out that often a display Offline, and it would be interesting in Displays Groups screen to send display the members list the status (online and offline)

Sorry - I didn’t mean it was pointless, I just didn’t understand. I do now, I think!

Basically when you view the display group members you’d like to see whether the display is on/offline and the current version? Is that correct?


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@Peter can you create an enhancement for this please and assign to rc1 and Mauro

done -

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